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Keeping Rabbits Out of Your Garden, "Bye Bye" Bunny!

Charming as they are, bunnies can do a great deal of damage in the garden. Rabbits are ravenous eaters and leave clean - cut damage. Trapping is not an useful alternative and while there are some plants rabbits do not especially like, they will certainly consume anything if they get starving enough. To keep bunnies from damaging your garden, you will certainly require a mix of diversions, obstacles and repellents.

Keeping Rabbits Out of Your Garden

Just like all animals, repellents just work part of the time. They will certainly chew on anything if an animal is starving, even too young to understand much better. Bunnies are rather fussy, specifically about aroma, and repellents can be fairly reliable. If you think there's a rabbit triggering issues in your garden, however you have not in fact seen one, the indications of damage consist of: delicately munched leaves and stems, mostly on young or recently arising plants, chewed tree bark near ground level, particularly on seedlings, shrubs and fruit trees and little round bunny droppings.

The challenge with bunnies is to merely keep them from consuming the important things you do not desire them to consume. Bunnies do the majority of their feeding at evening and into the night. To be most efficient, use deterrents at the end of the day. Here are some tips to get rid of rabbits in your garden:
  • Blood meal and bone meal are natural soil changes that make excellent bunny deterrents. Rabbits are herbivore and the aroma of these slaughterhouse spin-offs is typically adequate for them to look in other places for food.
  • If there's a specific plant or crop that you understand bunnies cannot withstand (such as beans and peas) or a plant you do not wish to run the risk of losing (such as something unique that you've grown from seed), you can concentrate your efforts on securing simply that location.
  • Rabbits likewise do not like the odor of onions, so attempt growing these around your yard to more prevent the fuzzy animals. As their jerking noses suggest, bunnies sniff a lot. Try scattering dried sulfur around or on your plants.
  • If there are a lot of other food options available, bunnies might be hindered from consuming a specific crop by spraying it with predator pee, garlic spray, garlic clips or fish emulsion.
  • Poly fencing can be quickly cut to size, and if you want, can be gotten rid of at season's end and re-used the following year.


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